Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just A Friend

Teman ibarat saudara,
Itu apa yang dikata,
Umpama Tuah 5 bersaudara,
Kekal bersaudara sampai ajal tiba,
Kejujuran terletak dimana soalnya?
Jebat dibunuh kerana turutkan Raja,
Ikut hati mati ikut rasa binasa,
Seperti hadir di mata berbisik ke telinga,
Teman wujud bila senang melanda,
Kesabaran seakan berpuasa,
Hati kian membara,
Menanti letup bagai mercun malam Raya,
Masa dimamah macam umur Proton Saga,
Gah namamu dari zahir bak Proton Tiara,
Semalam muda hari ini sudah tua,
Fikiran semakin gusar,
Ingin berkuasa macam Julius Caesar,
Apa guna kalau jiwa kecil tapi cakap besar,
Aku datang aku lihat aku tawan,
Petah berbahasa bagai pahlawan,
Berbicara umpama kita Al-Ikhwan,
Ini tahun dua ribu lapan,
Teman sudah lazim bagai makanan,
Lemah jadi timun kuat jadi durian,
Apa jadi dengan perjuangan,
Suatu perjalanan atau hanya kenangan?
Dalam kepala sentiasa disematkan,
Setinggi-tinggi gunung masih ada atasnya awan,
Jadikan pegangan supaya subur iman,
5 waktu engkau berdoa,
5 waktu engkau sujud,
7 kali ku bersinar,
7 kali kau tersudut,
Salam diberi disahut,
Tangan dihulur agar luka tak berparut,
Jangan takut jangan senggugut,
Usul-asal kita dari satu perut,
Saling menghormati itu apa yang dituntut,
Kekal selamat sampai kunjung maut.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pizza Hut or Piss-A-Heart?

As from last weekend, I, as a consumer, has bad impressions towards Pizza Hut. Here how it goes. I was in Seremban when I decided to buy my niece something to ease her hunger and so I went to Pizza Hut located in Senawang Giant. So it was, crowded and stuffy store. Placed my order, and was asked to wait for the food to be ready. Since I had a lot of time to kill, I decided to grab a bite, something light preferrably. Hence, I asked for a Large Prawn Olio Spaghetti. The girl(who was also the Manager I supposed, since she was the only one wearing a different uniform) repeated my order and told me that my meal will be ready in about 13 minutes. About half an hour had passed by, still patiently waited and remain seated, without bothering to ask the girl where the heck was my meal. It is advisable for us not to be so hard on these people as they might "sabo" your food, especially when they are busy. (Seen these horrible "sabo" incidents back then when I was working in the F&B field) . Then came my food. I began to scrutinise my food, since the name is PRAWN OLIO, any single soul would logically know that there would be prawns in it. To make it short, not a single prawn was to be found in my Prawn Olio. Surprised and shocked I was, I asked the girl in Malay "Dik, ni Prawn Olio kan?". She nodded, and got out of my sight (as if I was bothering her, she might probably speaking to herself that evening that her errands were done once a customer's order was served). Just imagine, what would a Prawn Olio Spaghetti taste/look like without prawns? It is like having Onion Rings without onions. Roti Telur without any eggs. Garlic Breads without any garlic. (But do not expect to find a gearbox in Sup Gearbox where there precisely wont be any in it, or a Hippopotamus in a Cucur Badak :p) Back to where I was, I was ok with it when the manager suddenly came and told me with a sour face that "Sorry ye, budak dalam tu trainee. Encik nak replacement ke?". Notice the boiling-point points in that sentence? Truth was, I was not even planning to be pissed-off since I know I am not a perfect man either, but not until she came and uttered the words to me. She was not truly a trained manager, if I were to compare her with the other internationally-known-fastfood-franchises' managers from the overseas. Or at least, if she follows the right food-etiquette(I believe thats the right term), she could have just taken my meal away and replaced it without asking me whether I wanted a replacement or not. So, as a reply to her question, I just said No thanks in a polite way, wouldnt want to embarass myself in public would I, and advised her to ensure that the food follows the fixed-standardization so that these incidents would not happen to the "wrong-person" (although I was totally pissed off by the provoking looks on her face, and was kind of hoping to get at least a compensation cash voucher). I then asked for my niece's food, checked it, and asked for the bill (where I paid a full amount,still, for the non-existent Prawns) left the store. She stood still at the door, began to smile as a relieve sign, acted like a fairy-tale princess waiting for her prince to come and save her (the only difference was that the "prince" was safely gone) and that fact would make her live happily ever after. All in all, kudos to Pizza Hut which had succesfully become Pissed-A-Heart.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Olla. This is the first time of me blogging. Wanted to have my own blog for a very long time, and somehow something has pushed me to create one this soon, as it was part of the MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency), previously known as LAN (Lembaga Akreditasi Negara) requirements that should be fulfilled by us, the students of UiTM I supposed. Since this is my first attempt, I would say that this is quite interesting (yea yea I know, it sounds so lame), but honestly that would be the answer if you are seeking it from me. Just that it crosses my mind that, we are living in the high tech era where people meet and get to know each other online, we tend to be more socialize here in the cyber world rather than in reality. How sad is that? Well come to think of the negative sides of it, there would be lesser and lesser in terms of the number of people who previously, for example; go for blind-dates, meet & greet & shake-hands, love at first sight, sit & drink together, meet at a party, guys wooing the girls, no more hanging outs at specific places or areas, exchange business cards, the horrible pick-up lines and what not. Things that we usually know and heard about especially for those who were born in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The old-skool stuffs, mentioned as such, are considered as out of fashion, out-dated. Instead, exchanging e-mail addresses in order to communicate, creating blogs, Myspace, Friendster, or even online dating, online shopping and online banking are the in-thing. What about the Pros & Cons? U figure them out.
Lets look at these rapid changes in ten to fifteen years time. I can't even think what would be invented and what would be abolished at the same time. As for me, I started to know the internet, and started to "actively-communicate" with friends or whom I called as "strangers", somewhere in 1997. Here how it goes if I were to convey it in a choronological form. First, The IRC. Then came ICQ, Napster, then came MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Friendster, Myspace and now Facebook. (These need not to be explained as I am very sure that we are all familiar with). As I was saying, in ten to fifteen years time, we must be questioning ourselves, wondering, pondering, what are the next in-thing, what are the next in-thing? Clearly this shows that I am "culturally shocked in the cyber world", struggling to adapt myself with all these new-skool stuff, which were totally different from what I've known several years ago. Thus, making this 90s-lover guy, as the nerdy, New Kid on The Blog.
P/S = Listen to the lyrics, The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star; as it says a lot.